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Tibetan furniture

Tibetan furniture
This wooden box is one out of three very special pieces in our collection of wooden boxes. Beautiful hand painted,  it is really a unique 3D piece of art! With lovely details and here and there in gold as an additional effect. The front has two Buddha's and the Lotus in between; Buddha on th..
€ 70.00
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This beautiful dragon cabinet darkred and gold coloured has four doors. The four panels are all painted with a dragon in the middle of it. This cupboard is only painted on the front, with a lot of details. The other sides are of plain dark wood. The way the front of the cupboard is painted gives it ..
€ 1,098.00
Ex Tax:€ 1,098.00
This beautifully handpainted and decorated with carved wood folding table is a true bringer of happiness. On the front, as well as on both sides and on the top are dragons depicted. The back side is not painted, but is left in plain wood. Dragons symbolize spring, fertility, luck and prosperity make..
€ 480.00
Ex Tax:€ 480.00
This small wall table is a real beauty. She is gorgeous in color and has a total of four dragons from carvings that are beautifully painted. In addition, there are other Buddhist symbols depicted in carvings, such as the lotus flower on the front in the middle. The vase with the treasure (treasure v..
€ 360.00
Ex Tax:€ 360.00
This beautifully painted and with many wood carvings decorated wall table is called, dedicated to Vajrapani, also called demon. On the front is a beautiful image of Vajrapani painted.  He is seen as the figure who Thunder and lightning used to by the delusion of the darkness to come.  Demo..
€ 480.00
Ex Tax:€ 480.00
This beautiful red and gold coloured cabinet has two doors. The two doors are painted in red with a mandala in gold in the middle. Above the two little doors are three drawers, painted with the same flower figures. The right and the left side have the same beautiful paintings as we see on the front ..
€ 809.00
Ex Tax:€ 809.00
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