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Small Bags

Small Bags
{cat_felt_bag_etui} {cat_felt}..
€ 4.80
Ex Tax:€ 4.80
This beautiful gray purse with cream white flower on the front has a zipper and a snap closure. You can also use the purse as a small handbag or toilet bag. The purse is available in dark gray and light gray.{cat_felt}..
€ 4.00
Ex Tax:€ 4.00
This shoulderbag has a zipper under the flap. The flap is in the form of a leaf with beautiful colors. The total length of the shoulderstrap is 110 cm. Our collection of shoulderbags consists of five colors, namely blue, red, light pink, fuchsia pink and green. With this beautiful shoulder bag you w..
€ 10.40
Ex Tax:€ 10.40
This children's shoulder bag has pockets that are decorated with hearts on the front and in which the three finger dolls that belong to this bag fit exactly. The finger puppets consist of two flower finger puppets and a penguin. In addition to the function as a bag, the shoulder bag also gives you t..
€ 8.00
Ex Tax:€ 8.00
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