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Felt handpuppet model Giraffe

Felt handpuppet model Giraffe
Felt handpuppet model Giraffe
Felt handpuppet model Giraffe
Felt handpuppet model Giraffe
Felt handpuppet model Giraffe

Here we have Mister Noodles, a Giraffe who catches the first news, because of his long neck.  He is able to overhear conversations from a big distance because of his impressive ears. They work like an antenna . He is able to see the news coming before anyone else, because of his terrific eyes side. He likes to take his time to eat, meditate and talk.

That is amazing, don't you think?

Because of his special skills he is a good listener, and he is able to pick up the signs when attention is needed. If it is because guidance is necessary, or maybe some correction is in order....

He always does his best to stay calm, because that is the key of a good listener, and to be a safe haven to a child who needs help.

However he is a very good friend to talk to, he never gets angry, is fair and is willing to help, inspire, support you to solve a problem or find an answer on questions that children often have. You only need to ask mister Noodles!

 If you choose the  extraordinary mister Noodles, than you will amaze your self how much inspiration, creativity you find in yourself. That the child within comes back alive and that you discover together with your child, how much joy it gives just by spending this kind of quality time with the most precious in you live. 

Would you and your child  like to be inspired by mister Noodles?

Than do not hesitate and  invite him in to your home. You won't regret it.

A hand puppet is a very expressive and perfect tool to tell stories to a child, to bring them alive. It is both, for you as an adult and for a child an endless source to create stories.

To use it for a bed-time story, if a child needs comfort when a child is sad, or sick, or just had a bad day..

It also can be a help when you need to explain things that are more complex/difficult, than it can be an entrance to his / her world.

This amazing animal is made of natural felt and handmade in Nepal.

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