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Engraved Bowls

Engraved Bowls
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Chakra 37 cm

A great singing bowl with a beautiful deep tone.The bowle is etched on the inside with an image ..

€ 764.00
Ex Tax: € 764.00

Eye of Buddha 17 cm

Singing Bowl Eye of Buddha with at the inner side the Eye of Buddha and other buddistic signs engrav..

€ 108.00
Ex Tax: € 108.00

Feet of Buddha 43 cm

Singing Bowl with at the inside the print of the feet of Buddha and at the outside the flower of liv..

€ 1,403.30
Ex Tax: € 1,403.30

Ohm 16 cm

Singing Bowl Ohm with at the inner side buddistic signs and other decoration,  engraved as well..

€ 112.00
Ex Tax: € 112.00

Ohm 22 cm

Singing Bowl Ohm with at the inner side the Ohm sign and other buddistic signs. The whole outside is..

€ 200.00
Ex Tax: € 200.00

Thing Sha 6 cm

The handmade Thing Sha Bells have a nice sound and are used to clean a room of negative energy.&..

€ 23.00
Ex Tax: € 23.00