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Engraved Bowls

Engraved Bowls
A great singing bowl with a beautiful deep tone.The bowle is etched on the inside with an image of the seven chakras, and at the bottom an image of a sixpoint star with a flower of live.Handmade in Nepal..
€ 736.77
Ex Tax:€ 599.00
This singing bowl has at the inside the print of the feet of Buddha and at the outside the flower of live. This is our biggest singing bowl and it has an impressive  marvelous sound. It is a beautifull piece of art not only because of the sound but also because of the way it is engraved by hand..
€ 1,044.27
Ex Tax:€ 849.00
The handmade Thing Sha Bells have a nice sound and for exemple are used to clean a room of negative energy.Made in Nepal..
€ 9.84
Ex Tax:€ 8.00
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