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Felt handpuppet Elephant Sarah

Felt handpuppet Elephant Sarah
Felt handpuppet Elephant Sarah
Felt handpuppet Elephant Sarah
Felt handpuppet Elephant Sarah
Felt handpuppet Elephant Sarah

This is Elephant Sarah has some stage fright and needs help from you guys, she is a little bit shy!

She is very intelligent and has a big big heart. She likes to play and she loves mimics.  She is able to understand emotions and is not afraid of it. She recognizes that compassion is necessary and beautiful  to have towards others.

One other important thing is that this lovely elephant has a memory that is enormous. You can imagine that this comes very handy if you have a conversation with a child. They can jump from one topic to another without blinking with their eyes and they are completely convinced that you know exactly where they are talking about!

Well she can respond very quickly with humour and in the meantime she has time to find in her memory archive where your child's mind is on that moment.

If you choose this kind warm hearted Elephant, than you will discover how much inspiration you find in yourself to talk with your child. 
Would you and your child  like to be inspired by this dear lady?

Than do not hesitate and  invite her in to your home. You won't regret it.

A hand puppet is a very expressive and perfect tool to tell stories to a child, to bring them alive. It is both, for you as an adult and for a child an endless source to create stories.

To use it for a bed-time story, if a child needs comfort when a child is sad, or sick, or just had a bad day..

It also can be a help when you need to explain things that are more complex/difficult, than it can be an entrance to his / her world.

This amazing animal is made of natural felt and handmade in Nepal.

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