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Doctor Frank

Doctor Frank


Doctor Frank is very sympathetic and he likes children very much.  He has an endless patience to listen, and answer their questions.
He is funny and likes to make jokes. The children feel comfortable and at ease with him.
He understands that you can't rush things and that you have to explain children what's going on. They understand more than you think! When you take them serious they can amaze you with there inner force.

With Doctor Frank in the house you will discover that he can be a big help when your child needs medical attention, or if someone else in the family is sick.
Just be open to discover an amazing source of creativity in yourself.
Don't hesitate and invite him as your new member of the family.

A hand puppet is a very expressive and perfect tool to tell stories to a child, to bring them alive. It is both, for you as an adult and for a child an endless source to create stories.
To use it for a bed-time story, if a child needs comfort when a child is sad, or sick, or just had a bad day..
It also can be a help when you need to explain things that are more complex/difficult, than it can be an entrance to his or her world.

This amazing hand puppet is made of natural felt and handmade in Nepal.

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