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Felt handpuppet Crocodile

Felt handpuppet Crocodile
Felt handpuppet Crocodile
Felt handpuppet Crocodile
Felt handpuppet Crocodile
Felt handpuppet Crocodile

This Crocodile is normally a very alert one, but he likes really to take it easy. No stress, just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. He likes to doze a little bit away, but if he senses that there is a chance for a story..... than he comes alive.

Don't be fooled by his dazed appearance. He is full of amazing, adventures .  And what he really likes is to make up stories with you. He likes funny stories the most.

Would you and your child  like to be inspired by this cute crocodile? Than be ready for him and invite him in to your home.

A hand puppet is a very expressive and perfect tool to tell stories to a child, to bring them alive. It is both, for you as an adult and for a child an endless source to create stories.

To use it for a bed-time story, if a child needs comfort when a child is sad, or sick, or just had a bad day..

It also can be a help when you need to explain things that are more complex/difficult, than it can be an entrance to his / her world.


This amazing animal is made of natural felt and handmade in Nepal.

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