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Wooden Box Buddha L

Wooden Box Buddha L
Wooden Box Buddha L
Wooden Box Buddha L
Wooden Box Buddha L
Wooden Box Buddha L
Wooden Box Buddha L
Wooden Box Buddha L
Wooden Box Buddha L
Wooden Box Buddha L

This wooden box is one out of three very special pieces in our collection of wooden boxes.
Beautiful hand painted,  it is really a unique 3D piece of art! With lovely details and here and there in gold as an additional effect.
The front has two Buddha's and the Lotus in between;
Buddha on the left :
* holds his hands in the mudra that symbolises Teaching.
   The hands form the shape of a wheel; the turning of "the wheel of Dharma", a reference to teaching
   the Buddha's doctrine, wheel of Law, knowledge.

* the three curving conch-like lines at the throat are a reference to represent Buddha's deep and resonant voice, 
   through which he introduced his followers to the path of dharma.

Buddha on the right:
* right hand in the mudra that symbolises Gesture of witness( bhumisparsha).
  This gesture is also called "touching the earth" mudra or "calling the earth to witness" mudra.
  The right arm hangs down over the right knee.
  The hand with the palm turned inward and all the fingers extended downward with the finger touching the lotus
  throne. Gesture of leisure (avakasha) The sitting person is holding the left hand on his/her lap, palm upwards.
* left hand lies on the lap with palm upward. This gesture symbolizes Shakyamunis victory over Mara.
  In this hand you see the conch; 
thoughts of the Buddha

The flower / Lotus:
* purity and enlightenment.

The lid of the box is decorated with beautiful detailed ornaments and in the centre of the lid again the flower/ Lotus.

Both sides of the box have the symbol of the treasure vase; what's referring to treasure and wealth.

The backside is not painted and left in plain wood. De box has a brass closure.

This box will be sure a special addition in your interior! It is an amazing piece of art, who a master put a lot of dedicating love in to it.
This will be a very special gift for your child / grandchild or someone that is very special to you.
This box is for sure a gift with a big symbolic value.

The box has a brass closure .

All the boxes are handmade, hand painted and from Nepal.

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