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Bambi small

This cute little deer is certainly a special addition to the animals that your child already has or ..

€ 3.46
Ex Tax: € 3.46

Crazy Cow

A strange, crazy cow, with amazing eys. This extremely cute cow is a inspiration fot children to pla..

€ 13.00
Ex Tax: € 13.00


This Crocodile is normally a very alert one, but he likes really to take it easy. No stress, just re..

€ 10.98
Ex Tax: € 10.98

Doctor Frank

Doctor Frank is very sympathetic and he likes children very much.  He has an endless patience t..

€ 10.98
Ex Tax: € 10.98

Donkey play toy

This lovely animal is a musthave, he is looking for a nice place to call home.This amazing anima..

€ 14.23
Ex Tax: € 14.23


This spectacular colourful hand puppet is a Dragon, first it looks a little bit scary. But if you lo..

€ 10.98
Ex Tax: € 10.98


Here we introduce to you finger puppet elephant, she is a bit shy but likes it very much to talk and..

€ 2.25
Ex Tax: € 2.25

Elephant L

A Large Elephant, she is one of a larger Herd of Elephants.It is not only to use as a toy, but a..

€ 12.80
Ex Tax: € 12.80

Elephant M

A medium Elephant, she is one of a larger herd of Elephants.As a toy lovely to play with.Bec..

€ 5.49
Ex Tax: € 5.49

Elephant S

A small Elephant, she is one of a larger herd of Elephants.A nice idea to collect and make a nic..

€ 2.68
Ex Tax: € 2.68

Elephant Sarah

This is Elephant Sarah has some stage fright and needs help from you guys, she is a little bit shy! ..

€ 10.98
Ex Tax: € 10.98

Elephant with bell

A little colourful Elephant.  A joy for children to play with. And it is not only  a beaut..

€ 5.49
Ex Tax: € 5.49

Elephant XL

A Extra Large Elephant, she is the head of a larger Herd of Elephants. With the other ones ..

€ 25.61
Ex Tax: € 25.61

Fairy Horse

Beautifull fairy horse stepped right out of the magic forest of  fairy land.With a lot of c..

€ 11.99
Ex Tax: € 11.99

Fat crazy Cat

This incredible Know-it-all of a cat, is surely a big must have!!It is a play toy for children, ..

€ 16.06
Ex Tax: € 16.06


This is Flint our smart Fox in our collection of hand puppets. He is eager to learn, and wants to ge..

€ 10.98
Ex Tax: € 10.98

Fox Smarty L

This very smart Fox likes a challenge, He likes to meet and play with children.  Would you like..

€ 17.48
Ex Tax: € 17.48

Fox Whiz-kid (medium)

I am the little brother of Fox Smarty. I would like to come along with him and find an amazing new h..

€ 12.15
Ex Tax: € 12.15


Here we introduce to you mister William Frog. Mister William is very sophisticated and likes to read..

€ 10.98
Ex Tax: € 10.98


Here we have Mister Noodles, a Giraffe who catches the first news, because of his long neck.  H..

€ 10.98
Ex Tax: € 10.98